AppGenius is an app analytics startup based out of Marina del Rey, CA. The company aimed to address the "App Graveyard" problem common among mobile applications built and released in the 2010s; by leveraging data collected from consumers' app directories, AppGenius would  be able to suggest other apps to consumers; conversely, app developers would be able to better, and more directly, target their dream audience. As one of the company’s earlier designers, I was responsible for developing the brand identity, including the design of the brand marks, color palette, and marketing materials. I also contributed as a UI designer in designing the interface of the mobile app’s onboarding and search experiences.

AppGenius Logomark

The company was woman-founded and lead, not particularly common in the tech sphere. In developing the brand identity, we decided to embrace the company's femininity, centering the visual brand around a stereotypical "girl" color—a bright and bold bubblegum pink. We hoped to visually differentiate the brand from the typical desaturated blues used by the most common apps at the time.

Four early stage sketches of the AppGenius logo
Early Logo Design Explorations

Before arriving at the final logomark, I explored different forms and motifs. I experimented with combining the forms of a light bulb and hot air balloon, abstracting the shape of a link using the lowercase “A” and “G”, and using negative space to allude to the “A” letterform.

Permission Modals in Onboarding

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